My heart is breaking

My heart is breaking for my country. I always knew there were racists here, but I never realized how many. I have heard people say that we should not be comparing the US to Germany, and yet that is where we seem to be headed. We are taking children away from their parents, putting people . . . → Read More: My heart is breaking

Think for yourself

Think for yourself; use your brain to figure things out. If you are seeing something, believe it – don’t let others tell you that what you are seeing is not happening. If you are being told to believe what someone tells you, and not what you see with your own eyes, consider the source. What . . . → Read More: Think for yourself

Happy Independence Day

I believe that good will prevail, though it may take longer than I would like. Happy Independence Day to everyone in the United States of America. We fought once to divorce ourselves from a king; may we get through this mess without another revolution.

When did decency die?

Really? Are we really going to let our government put babies and kids in cages and not give them soap, toothbrushes, blankets, and other things that people – all people – need to stay clean and safe? It is way past time for these things to stop. I cannot believe what ridiculous arguments I am . . . → Read More: When did decency die?

Pay attention to your body

Some days you feel good, and some days you don’t. That’s just how it is. That doesn’t make you good or bad, it just makes you human. The smart thing to do is to pay attention to your body. If this is a “feel good” day, then go ahead and do what you can. If . . . → Read More: Pay attention to your body

Health insurance

My latest issue is my health insurance. First, they keep screwing up the same thing, over and over. And every time they screw it up, I call them, get transferred innumerable times, and then finally someone says it is fixed – and I believe them. It is fixed, for maybe a month, and then they . . . → Read More: Health insurance

A news break

The world can seem overwhelming right now, with so much going on. There are days when I just want to watch comedies on TV and ignore the real world.

Well, I have decided that that is an okay thing to do sometimes. While I am not an advocate of burying my head in the sand . . . → Read More: A news break


I am so tired of hearing all these crazy things that some men – and yes, some women as well – are pushing through state legislatures, trying to control women. Because that is, indeed, what it is about – controlling women. All the anti-abortion measures being pushed through the states now are really not about . . . → Read More: Abortion

Do the best you can

Do the best you can with what you have, and ignore anyone who wants to tell you it’s not enough. Yes, wouldn’t it be great is we could all do everything to save the planet, save the whales, and save anything else that needs saving. But the reality is that we can’t. So the goal . . . → Read More: Do the best you can

Tell them how you feel now

There are all kinds of reasons to remember that you never know how long anyone is going to be with us. The first one that comes to mind is all the horrific mass shootings that we have in this county. You send your kid to school one day, and they don’t come home because some . . . → Read More: Tell them how you feel now