I am my own advocate

It is time to stop worrying about what’s wrong and be my own advocate. . . . → Read More: I am my own advocate

My knee is still a problem

My knee problem is affecting pretty much everything now. . . . → Read More: My knee is still a problem

Knee replacement – but when

When is it time for a knee replacement? Not too soon, but not too late either. . . . → Read More: Knee replacement – but when

Embrace the unknown

So much uncertainty. All I can do is get comfortable embracing the unknown. . . . → Read More: Embrace the unknown

Excuses vs Reasons

There is a difference betwee and excuse and a reason. . . . → Read More: Excuses vs Reasons

Live fully in the present

I don’t really want to know the future; I want to live fully in the present. . . . → Read More: Live fully in the present

My voice

I want to discover what I think & what I want. . . . → Read More: My voice


Too many rules tied to meditation, I think I will call it something else. . . . → Read More: Meditation

More healthcare issues

More healthcare issues – more frustration and more pet peeves. I am not surprised. . . . → Read More: More healthcare issues


I am not used to pain – I don’t like it. . . . → Read More: Pain