G*$$!%&#$ greedy insurance companies

Health insurance companies are the absolute worst. Why are they allowed to do what they do? . . . → Read More: G*$$!%&#$ greedy insurance companies

Windows you can’t close

Advertisers seem to be trying to lose my business. . . . → Read More: Windows you can’t close


An hour of news each day is enough. . . . → Read More: News

Being comfortable with not knowing – part 2

I am still trying, but patience is not my strong suit. . . . → Read More: Being comfortable with not knowing – part 2

Getting comfortable with not knowing

I can deal with good or bad, but I can’t deal with not knowing. . . . → Read More: Getting comfortable with not knowing

Health insurance yet again

Why do we allow a greedy company to determine what drugs and healthcare procedures we can have? . . . → Read More: Health insurance yet again

Medical appointments

If I have to be there at 3:00, my appointment starts at 3:00, not at 3:30. . . . → Read More: Medical appointments

Good Cops\Bad Cops

Is a cop who lets bad cops do bad things really a good cop? . . . → Read More: Good Cops\Bad Cops


We have to do something about the police killing so many people – soon. . . . → Read More: Police

Change will come

Do whatever small good you can – it will help. Change will come eventually. . . . → Read More: Change will come