Taking as well as giving

Giving is easy for me – taking is harder. I was talking to a friend about how hard it is for me to let someone do something for me. They asked me if I would do the same for someone else and I said I would. They reminded me that it is important to take as well as to give. Most people want to contribute to a relationship as well as take from one, and if you don’t ever take anything, they are not comfortable continuing to take from you.

This reminds me of a story I heard: A mom sent her child next door to borrow some salt. When the child pointed out that they did not need any salt as they had plenty, the mom explained that the people next door needed to borrow things once in a while, and she knew they would feel bad about it if they never returned the favor. She knew they probably had and could spare the salt. This would make them more comfortable with asking, and the relationship more even.

My friend told me it is important to let people do for you, as well as to do for other people. If I don’t allow someone to help me out, they may no longer feel that they can accept help from me.. If someone wants to do something for me, I can pay it forward by doing something for someone else.

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