These testimonials are taken from letters from past and current clients.

Judy’s a great coach! She helped me look at things in different, more helpful ways. She helped me realize that I can do anything I want to do. I felt lighter, more positive and motivated after each coaching session. She knew what questions to ask to help me get to the heart of my problems, and to help me find solutions. She taught me about empowering beliefs, and how to give myself permission to try new things. I was always smiling by the end of the session, even if I was gloomy when we started. I highly recommend Judy!

Nancy G.

When I began sessions with Judy, I had no expectations. I was delighted when from the very first meeting…there was insight gained. I was nearing the end of a job and Judy was with me during the transition…it was the smoothest change I have ever experienced. I have realized more of my potential…and have learned to better focus. Judy has helped me to see things from a different perspective…and my motivation has become apparent again. Each session has been meaningful.

Max B.

I really loved working with Judy. I was having some anxiety before going into a very important class for mastering my profession. Working with Judy both calmed me down and helped get me excited for the class. Thanks to Judy I am now completely confident that I am going to pass my class with flying colors and have tons of fun doing the learning. I highly recommend Judy to anyone who is going through a transition in their life.

Brett D.

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