Happy Anniversary

Wow! I can hardly believe that we have been married for 35 years now; it seems like yesterday that I met this cute guitar player and fell in love. I know it is cliche – but time goes by fast, and the older you get, the faster it goes.

So Happy Anniversary a couple days . . . → Read More: Happy Anniversary

May I learn all my lessons this year

I am going into this New Year with a couple of realizations that I hope stay with me. They may not be new to you. In fact, they may not be new to me, but I think I may finally be starting to realize the meaning here.

1 – I don’t always have to appear . . . → Read More: May I learn all my lessons this year

New Day

Today is a brand new day, without any hangover from the past, and I intend to treat it as the gift it is. It may or may not be be wonderful outside, and it is still glorious! I am in awe of this wonderful new day! I am counting my blessings and living in gratitude . . . → Read More: New Day

Some things are looking up

Some things are looking up – others, not so much. But I guess that is just how life is sometimes. X, Y, and Z are going great guns; A, B, and C are going downhill; and the rest of the alphabet is just kind of hanging steady.

I guess it maybe could be better, but . . . → Read More: Some things are looking up

What makes you smile?

I love looking at old pictures – so many of them make me smile. So I started thinking – what else makes me smile? It’s past time to find things that make me smile, so here goes: babies, my Buddha garden, pictures from good times, my husband, my kid, sitting on the grass in the . . . → Read More: What makes you smile?