Back again

I hope to be back to posting weekly. . . . → Read More: Back again

I am back

I am back after my surgery. . . . → Read More: I am back

HAPPY 90th

Happy Birthday to my mother – I hope I am doing as well when I am 90. . . . → Read More: HAPPY 90th


I am taking a break for a week….see you next week. . . . → Read More: Vacation

Have to or choose to?

Words matter. I am changing from “have to” to “choose to.” . . . → Read More: Have to or choose to?

WA Cares Act

The process was not good, but at least it worked in the end. . . . → Read More: WA Cares Act

See you next week

Taking the week off . . . → Read More: See you next week


There are still compassionate people in this world my hope is that they outnumber those who are not. . . . → Read More: Compassion

Take care of your strong friends

Pay attention to the people around you. . . . → Read More: Take care of your strong friends

I am weary

How did we fall this far, and is it too late for us? . . . → Read More: I am weary