I have not been sleeping well for the last couple nights, and I am realizing what a difference that makes to my sense of well-being. Nothing else has changed, I just haven’t had a solid night’s sleep.

I am looking around wildly to try to figure out what is causing this. We just got back . . . → Read More: Sleep


I have been lacking motivation lately. There are things I want to do – they are important to me on many levels – that I am just not motivated to do. So this morning I am redoubling my resolve to start doing them on a regular basis.

Lo and behold, I find the Universe, as . . . → Read More: Motivation

Listen to the Universe

Are you listening to the Universe? Are you catching the message when it is still a whisper, or at least not a whack upside the head?

It is my belief that the Universe doesn’t hit you with everything it’s got to get your attention, unless that’s what it takes to get your attention! And I . . . → Read More: Listen to the Universe