Defund the police?

What is the answer? I wish I knew, but maybe this would be a start. . . . → Read More: Defund the police?

I do what I can

You can do only what you can do – do that. . . . → Read More: I do what I can


Care about those around you, and wear the d%^& mask. . . . → Read More: WEAR THE D%^& MASK

Thin the herd

Don’t be selfish – wear a mask. . . . → Read More: Thin the herd

Take a break

Recharge your battery. Don’t quit, take a break. . . . → Read More: Take a break

No justice, no peace

No justice, no peace – it’s not a threat, it’s reality. . . . → Read More: No justice, no peace

Minneapolis protests

Violence is not the answer – it never is. . . . → Read More: Minneapolis protests

What happened to us?

When did we become a country full of people who can’t or won’t think past “What’s in it for me?” . . . → Read More: What happened to us?

Keep in touch

We can be physically isolated and stay emotionally in touch. . . . → Read More: Keep in touch

Words matter

Do you HAVE to, or do you GET to? What you think makes a difference. . . . → Read More: Words matter