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There are many challenging things in my life, nut there are even more blessings. . . . → Read More: Gratitude


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Can’t we all get along?

Stop making some people “other” and realize we are all one. . . . → Read More: Can’t we all get along?

The best I can

I do the best I can, and that has to be good enough. . . . → Read More: The best I can


Enjoy yourself, however you celebrate. . . . → Read More: MERRY CHRISTMAS

Let what you get done be enough

Forget perfection – let what you get done be enough. . . . → Read More: Let what you get done be enough


Don’t let the fact that you can’t do it all stop you; do what you can. . . . → Read More: Enough

Crazy world

In these crazy times, all we can do is our best. . . . → Read More: Crazy world


If we all do the best we can, it will be enough. . . . → Read More: Enough