We must remain hopeful

My heart hurts mightily. The country I have always been proud to be a part of is doing things in my name that I do not approve of. We are turning people away at the border – people who are coming here to ask for asylum because of horrific things that are happening in their . . . → Read More: We must remain hopeful

Life is not fair

Life is not fair, even though I want it to be. Bad things happen to good people; good things happen to bad people. Sometimes I don’t know which I am, but I do now that there are things happening to me that I would just as soon pass on.

So yes, I occasionally go to . . . → Read More: Life is not fair

I strive to be the me I am meant to be

There is so much political crap happening these days – sometimes I just want to ignore it all. And yet, I can’t.

One thing I am learning (or trying to learn) is how to keep my equilibrium through these rough times. I want to continue to strive to be the person I want to be. . . . → Read More: I strive to be the me I am meant to be

My heart hurts

My heart hurts. I look for the good in the world, but am having a hard time finding it. The bad things, as usual, are hard to miss. There are global tragedies, national tragedies, and personal tragedies happening almost continuously. I have so many questions: How did we get to this point? How do we . . . → Read More: My heart hurts