I have so much for which to be grateful and I am. There is also a lot of stuff going on for me right now that I would prefer not happen. That doesn’t make me less grateful.

I have to live my life in its totality. I don’t get to say, “I like and am grateful for this stuff and I will ignore the stuff I don’t like.” It would be nice if I could ignore the parts of life that aren’t fun and they would go away; unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way.

I will work on changing, to the best of my ability, the parts of my life that I am not enjoying right now. Maybe some day I can look back and see that I am truly grateful for everything that happened. I know that everything that happened to me in the past has contributed to who I am today and that everything happening now will help form me into who I become in the future. With more time, I may be grateful for it all.

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