Life is like that

Life isn’t all good or all bad. . . . → Read More: Life is like that

Health insurance

Health care should not be for-profit! . . . → Read More: Health insurance

Life is not fair

Bad things happen to good people & vice versa. Deal with it. . . . → Read More: Life is not fair

A new year

Here are some things I want to shoot for in 2018.; . . . → Read More: A new year

It is what it is

Things may not be what I wish they were, but they are what they are, and that’s what I have. . . . → Read More: It is what it is

Embrace uncertainty

I hate not knowing what is next, but the uncertainty is going to be there whether I embrace it or not. . . . → Read More: Embrace uncertainty


I hate uncertainty, and will have to learn to live with it. . . . → Read More: Uncertainty