Not doing too much

It’s almost Christmas; I have lots left to do, and I don’t care. I am going to get as much done as I can and let the rest go. I keep thinking there is so much left to get done, but the reality is that I can no longer do everything I used to do. I can ask my husband & son to do some Christmas prep but the truth is they do so because they care about me, not because they care about the trappings of Christmas. I want to do things to make the house festive, for them and for me. I think it’s time to be more realistic about my energy, do the things that are important to me, and let the rest go.

It will still be Christmas if I don’t get all the decorations up. There are lights in the tree out front and  there’s a Christmas tree with lights on it in the Great Room (both thanks to my husband). I will get some of my crystal ornaments on the tree and my angels in the window, and that may be enough for this year.

I need to pace myself so that I have energy to enjoy the things I love – like my family.

This season is not about massive quantities of decorations, but about the love in our hearts. This year I give myself the gift of not doing too much.

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