There is enough

There is enough to go around, but we have to be willing to share. . . . → Read More: There is enough

I will make a difference

Whether or not I see the results, I will make a difference. . . . → Read More: I will make a difference

Happy New Year

Here’s to a great year for everyone! . . . → Read More: Happy New Year

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays to all . . . → Read More: Merry Christmas

War on Christmas

There is no war on Christmas – say Happy whatever you want. . . . → Read More: War on Christmas

Is it true or not?

Maybe it’s time to think and decide for ourselves. . . . → Read More: Is it true or not?

One Person, One Vote

Is it time to do away with the Electoral College? A rural vote is not more important then an urban vote, or vice versa. . . . → Read More: One Person, One Vote

Count your blessings

Happy Thanksgiving to all! . . . → Read More: Count your blessings


I am happy to pay my bills, just make them make sense. . . . → Read More: Bills

Another school shooting

Another school shooting – really? . . . → Read More: Another school shooting