I appreciate all my friends who watch out for me. . . . → Read More: Thanks

WA Cares Act

The process was not good, but at least it worked in the end. . . . → Read More: WA Cares Act

Health Insurance

Health insurance is just about health insurance companies making money – not about people being healthy. . . . → Read More: Health Insurance


Just because something has happened to me, does not mean that I am responsible for it. . . . → Read More: Responsibility

Respect my feelings

Please respect my feelings. . . . → Read More: Respect my feelings

Don’t forget the good

Don’t ignore the bad, but also don’t forget the good! . . . → Read More: Don’t forget the good

Health Insurance Companies

Health Insurance companies don’t care about their insureds – they care only about money. . . . → Read More: Health Insurance Companies

Where are the manuals? I HATE videos!

Please bring back online manuals – I do NOT want to watch a long video just to learn how to do a 20 second task! . . . → Read More: Where are the manuals? I HATE videos!

What do I want?

For the next couple days, I want relief from the heat. . . . → Read More: What do I want?

I ask for the help I need

It is a lesson that took me a long time to learn, and I ask for the help I need. . . . → Read More: I ask for the help I need