Don’t ask for the truth if you aren’t prepared for it. . . . → Read More: TRUTH

Where will we end up?

Is thie country moving forward or backward? . . . → Read More: Where will we end up?

Insurance and credit report

Why are insurance companies allowed to say I am a bad risk just because I don’t overuse credit? . . . → Read More: Insurance and credit report


I am grateful for so much – this is judt thre beginning of the list. . . . → Read More: Gratitude

Back again

I hope to be back to posting weekly. . . . → Read More: Back again

I am back

I am back after my surgery. . . . → Read More: I am back


I find aspirations preferable to resolutions. . . . → Read More: ASPIRATIONS


Gratitude brought me through last year, and will carry me through this New Year. . . . → Read More: GRATITUDE


Be open to the possibilities in the New Year. . . . → Read More: HAPPY NEW YEAR

Let me feel what I am feeling

Please acknowledge what is, as well as remind me this isn’t forever. . . . → Read More: Let me feel what I am feeling