Change will come

Do whatever small good you can – it will help. Change will come eventually. . . . → Read More: Change will come

I am grateful for what I have

Even when I don’t have everything I want, I do seem to always have what I need. . . . → Read More: I am grateful for what I have

Let’s get better

Let’s bypass normal, and instead get better. . . . → Read More: Let’s get better


What do you do when the company that is supposed to send you info to do your taxes keeps getting it wrong? . . . → Read More: Taxes

Dark Times

I hope this country can make it through these dark times. . . . → Read More: Dark Times


Texans need to understand who is causing their problems. . . . → Read More: Texas

Process, and then move on

Don’t let others convince you to move on before you are ready. . . . → Read More: Process, and then move on

Clear communication

Be clear with your communications – it will make life easier. . . . → Read More: Clear communication

Health Insurance – again

Health insurance needs a major overhaul! . . . → Read More: Health Insurance – again

You are important too!

Take care of yourself. . . . → Read More: You are important too!