See you next week

Taking the week off . . . → Read More: See you next week

Phone apps

Let me opt out of notifications for your phone app. . . . → Read More: Phone apps


I don’t owe anyone an explanation. . . . → Read More: Explanations

The Universe supports me

It’s hard to stay positive, but hang in there. . . . → Read More: The Universe supports me


There are still compassionate people in this world my hope is that they outnumber those who are not. . . . → Read More: Compassion

Taking a break

It’s time to drop out for a couple days. . . . → Read More: Taking a break

Count your blessings

Counting your blessings can change your mood! . . . → Read More: Count your blessings

G*$$!%&#$ greedy insurance companies

Health insurance companies are the absolute worst. Why are they allowed to do what they do? . . . → Read More: G*$$!%&#$ greedy insurance companies

Windows you can’t close

Advertisers seem to be trying to lose my business. . . . → Read More: Windows you can’t close


An hour of news each day is enough. . . . → Read More: News