There are many challenging things in my life, nut there are even more blessings. . . . → Read More: Gratitude


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I am taking a week off. . . . → Read More: Break

Recharge your battery

Take the time you need to regroup – the world will still need you tomorrow. . . . → Read More: Recharge your battery

Student debt forgiveness

I would prefer my tax dollars go to forgive student debt than to rich corporations. . . . → Read More: Student debt forgiveness

Why is this so hard?

It sure seems like you have to jump through hoops to see a specialist. . . . → Read More: Why is this so hard?

Proving who I am

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The people of Kansas saw through the lies, and voted to not change their Constitution. . . . → Read More: YEA KANSAS

The heat

Please stay cool and I will be back next week. . . . → Read More: The heat


Think of others, and not just yourself. . . . → Read More: Covid