More healthcare issues

More healthcare issues – more frustration and more pet peeves. I am not surprised. . . . → Read More: More healthcare issues

Referral part 2

If I just ignore it, will it go away? . . . → Read More: Referral part 2

Proving who I am

What do I do when the program asking the public records questions apparently has the wrong answers? . . . → Read More: Proving who I am


People who help other people deserve our gratitude. . . . → Read More: THANK YOU!

WA Cares Act

The process was not good, but at least it worked in the end. . . . → Read More: WA Cares Act


What do you do when the company that is supposed to send you info to do your taxes keeps getting it wrong? . . . → Read More: Taxes

The Capitol Mess

I never thought I would live to see the day when rioters took over the Capitol. . . . → Read More: The Capitol Mess

An apology is in order

I owe someone an apology, and I plan on apologizing. And I plan on making it a real apology. . . . → Read More: An apology is in order

It is what it is

Things may not be what I wish they were, but they are what they are, and that’s what I have. . . . → Read More: It is what it is

Company call lines

I have been on the phone with several companies this morning, and I am once again at the end of my rope. Will companies never understand the meaning of the word ‘normal?’ If I hear a disembodied voice say “We are experiencing higher call volumes than normal,” every time I call, then these higher call . . . → Read More: Company call lines