Proving who I am

I am trying to do an application with a bank for a Home Equity Line of Credit. I was told that the easiest way to do it was on the phone – fine. But I tried twice, and couldn’t do it. The reason is because, since they can’t see you and your ID, they have to ask you some questions that they get from some program that uses public records to ID you. That sounds great, and I have done that before. But this time I tried twice, and apparently did not answer the questions correctly, so they couldn’t proceed.

But here’s the thing: I DID answer the questions correctly, and I have no recourse. Now I have to go into the bank to complete the application.

I am not mad at the people I spoke with – they can’t even tell which questions I didn’t answer correctly (according to the program). They only get a message that says I passed or failed. The questions are multiple choice, and ask you things like “Have you ever been connected with one of the following addresses?” and “Have you ever been connected with one of the following corporations?” One of the corporations they listed was close to the name of this website, but not exactly and it is NOT a corporation. And one of the addresses they gave me was 3 number away from where I live now – but NOT where I live now. So I am left wondering if they program has bad information, or if the person I was talking to read one of the answers wrong, or what the heck is going on.

I tried it again the next day after I failed the first one, in case the person had read something wrong. But I failed that one as well.

And now I am extremely frustrated. I have no way to correct any misinformation they have; I have no way to even find out if they have misinformation. And I have no way to prove who I am through this program, whatever it is, because I don’t know what they think the correct answers are. Guess I will have to go into the bank, which is not easy for me, but seems to be my only option now.

This kind of thing drives ne crazy, because there is no way to correct what they think are the right answers. It is frustrating to the max, but I can find nothing to do about it. There should be a way to correct this!

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