Referral part 2

So, I am still waiting for a referral – this is so frustrating! The doctor’s office did get finally get back to me today (2 weeks later), saying that the doctor they wanted to refer me to is not taking new patients, and they are still looking.

I really do understand that urgency on my part does not equal urgency on anyone else’s part, but really? Someone couldn’t have told me this before? What if I were dying (I am NOT), would it take this long to get a referral?

This whole healthcare system sucks. I knew that before, but until I had a chronic disease, and now a problem on top of that, I didn’t realize exactly how bad it is!

I guess it could be worse, so I will continue to try to figure out what to do.  My biggest fear right now is that someone is finally going to see me about this and say, “Why didn’t you come in before? We could have done something about this, but now it’s too late.”

Do you think if I just ignore it, it will go away?

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