Phone apps

Let me opt out of notifications for your phone app. . . . → Read More: Phone apps

G*$$!%&#$ greedy insurance companies

Health insurance companies are the absolute worst. Why are they allowed to do what they do? . . . → Read More: G*$$!%&#$ greedy insurance companies

Windows you can’t close

Advertisers seem to be trying to lose my business. . . . → Read More: Windows you can’t close

Medical appointments

If I have to be there at 3:00, my appointment starts at 3:00, not at 3:30. . . . → Read More: Medical appointments

What’s worse

What’s worse – the phone message BS or the answers you get when you finally get through to a live person? . . . → Read More: What’s worse


I am happy to pay my bills, just make them make sense. . . . → Read More: Bills

Customer Service Pet Peeve

Can we talk to real people again? . . . → Read More: Customer Service Pet Peeve

Facebook posts

Please do not re-post ridiculous posts on Facebook. . . . → Read More: Facebook posts

30 second ads

Please stop making your ads mandatory, and so long. . . . → Read More: 30 second ads

Customer Service

Companies, please let your customer service people do actual customer service. . . . → Read More: Customer Service