Proving who I am

What do I do when the program asking the public records questions apparently has the wrong answers? . . . → Read More: Proving who I am

Take No for an answer

When I say No, I mean No – No is a complete sentence. . . . → Read More: Take No for an answer

Handicapped parking

Please don’t park in handicapped parking if you don’t need it! . . . → Read More: Handicapped parking

First world problems

There are real problems in parts of the world, mine are really minor. . . . → Read More: First world problems

On hold

Automated phone systems do NOT work for everything; please have a live person option on your phone line. . . . → Read More: On hold

Health Insurance Companies

Health Insurance companies don’t care about their insureds – they care only about money. . . . → Read More: Health Insurance Companies

Where are the manuals? I HATE videos!

Please bring back online manuals – I do NOT want to watch a long video just to learn how to do a 20 second task! . . . → Read More: Where are the manuals? I HATE videos!

Phone apps

Let me opt out of notifications for your phone app. . . . → Read More: Phone apps

G*$$!%&#$ greedy insurance companies

Health insurance companies are the absolute worst. Why are they allowed to do what they do? . . . → Read More: G*$$!%&#$ greedy insurance companies

Windows you can’t close

Advertisers seem to be trying to lose my business. . . . → Read More: Windows you can’t close