Health insurance

My latest issue is my health insurance. First, they keep screwing up the same thing, over and over. And every time they screw it up, I call them, get transferred innumerable times, and then finally someone says it is fixed – and I believe them. It is fixed, for maybe a month, and then they . . . → Read More: Health insurance

Why is healthcare a for-profit thing?

Call me a liberal, or whatever else you want to call me, but I believe that people should not have to go broke because they or their children get sick. Healthcare is a basic need that we are all entitled to, not just the people who can afford to pay for it. Any one of . . . → Read More: Why is healthcare a for-profit thing?


Whoa – I feel as if I have been kicked in the gut. The republicans passed their healthcare bill (calling it a non-healthcare or tax credit bill seems more appropriate), and I feel like I have a target on my back. I am getting up there in age (okay – I am old), I have . . . → Read More: Healthcare


Is our healthcare system crazy – hell yes! I have just spent a lot of time – again – on the phone trying to straighten something out. I saw a doctor in a clinic at the beginning of the month, then 2 weeks later saw another doctor at that clinic. Now, this is a clinic . . . → Read More: Healthcare