Company call lines

I have been on the phone with several companies this morning, and I am once again at the end of my rope. Will companies never understand the meaning of the word ‘normal?’ If I hear a disembodied voice say “We are experiencing higher call volumes than normal,” every time I call, then these higher call volumes ARE normal! And if you really cared about my call, which is so often the next statement made by that voice, you would put enough people in your call center to actually answer my call in less then 15 minutes (much less the 30 or more it often takes). Putting this little pronouncement on your tape does NOT absolve you from the responsibility to answer your phones. Here’s a thought for you – how about doing business in a way that does not require people to call you with a million questions or problems. That solves it for everyone – people won’t have to wait interminable amounts of time to talk to someone, and companies will be able to have fewer people answering their phones because fewer people will be calling. Of course, these companies are probably fine with how things are now – they don’t pay enough people to answer the phones, and they don’t have to listen to all the questions and complaints because they don’t take all the phone calls.

This makes me so frustrated. Yes, this is another rant that I have probably made before, but since companies keep doing this, I will probably also make it again!

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