An apology is in order

I am embarrassed about something that I did last week, and am committed to getting through this the best that I can, even though it is embarrassing.

I will spare you the details, but the main part of it is that I had a bad experience with an establishment, and actually yelled at someone on . . . → Read More: An apology is in order

Find your hope

I think I found my hope yesterday – in a book. I’ve been thinking about it, and it seems like “in a book” is as good a place as any in which to find hope. I don’t know that it matters where you find it; it is important to have it! I feel like a . . . → Read More: Find your hope

Be nice to each other

This may sound naive, but I sure would love to see us, as a country, remember how to treat each other. In the middle of this political cycle, I get so tired of hearing, from every direction, people snarking at each other, tearing each other down, calling each other names, being nasty, and telling out-and-out . . . → Read More: Be nice to each other

I choose

Some things are happening in this New Year that are making me realize that it is important to remember that I am at choice. I do always have a choice. I may not get to decide what is going to happen, but I DO always get to decide how I will react to whatever does . . . → Read More: I choose

Happy Holidays?

I am going to rant here for a bit. I am so tired of hearing about a War on Christmas, and hearing how saying Happy Holidays is a bad thing that contributes to it.

So this is just my perspective, but THERE IS NO WAR ON CHRISTMAS – get over it! When I say Happy . . . → Read More: Happy Holidays?