“Helpful” suggestions

Please pay attention to how you offer help. . . . → Read More: “Helpful” suggestions

Company call lines

I have been on the phone with several companies this morning, and I am once again at the end of my rope. Will companies never understand the meaning of the word ‘normal?’ If I hear a disembodied voice say “We are experiencing higher call volumes than normal,” every time I call, then these higher call . . . → Read More: Company call lines


How fast is too fast? If everyone is speeding, am I a bigger hazard speeding with them, or slowing down to the speed limit? . . . → Read More: Speeding

Boys will be boys?

When are going to get over this tired and trite belief? Many of us already are. . . . → Read More: Boys will be boys?

Pet peeve

Yes, I belong to the grammar and spelling police. Please check your work before you post! . . . → Read More: Pet peeve

On hold again

On hold again – here are a couple hints on how to do this better, companies. . . . → Read More: On hold again

Doctor rant part 2

Perhaps this is just another sign that allopathic medicine is not for me. . . . → Read More: Doctor rant part 2

Doctor rant

I see allopathic doctors as not caring or even seeing their patients, because that has been my experience with them. . . . → Read More: Doctor rant

Another rant

Customer service is not about customers anymore, and certainly is not about service anymore. . . . → Read More: Another rant