“Helpful” suggestions

I am getting pretty sick of hearing about how the diet someone is on is going to cure everything that ails me. Please understand that I am not annoyed with people who tell me about what worked for them, and suggest that it may be worth looking into. Nor am I annoyed at people who . . . → Read More: “Helpful” suggestions

Company call lines

I have been on the phone with several companies this morning, and I am once again at the end of my rope. Will companies never understand the meaning of the word ‘normal?’ If I hear a disembodied voice say “We are experiencing higher call volumes than normal,” every time I call, then these higher call . . . → Read More: Company call lines


It’s been several weeks since I have written – I was pretty sick, and then we went away for a week. I hate to say it, but I totally spaced this blog until this week. So here we are, back again…

I was driving home from an appointment on a nearby island, and it was . . . → Read More: Speeding

Boys will be boys?

I am having such a hard time believing the latest news out of the Republican candidate’s mouth. This is not a rant about politics – it IS a rant about what a politician said. My husband and I raised a son, and I hope we raised him to understand that a female is as important . . . → Read More: Boys will be boys?

Pet peeve

This is a pet peeve of mine: why can no one can spell or use proper punctuation anymore? When I see a post on Facebook that makes sense, except that there is a typo in it – a wrong spelling or a misplaced apostrophe – it doesn’t matter to me any longer that it maybe . . . → Read More: Pet peeve

On hold again

I just sat on hold with a company that has only one song for its hold music. I have a great idea! If you are a company that makes people sit on hold for long periods of time – and that seems like a lot of companies to me – then at least have more . . . → Read More: On hold again

Doctor rant part 2

I can’t believe I am writing about this again, but here I am. After I wrote the last post, I wrote to the doctor – not to hear back from him, but just to let him know what this patient’s experience was with him. I had been advised to write to him while I was . . . → Read More: Doctor rant part 2

Doctor rant

Yes, this is a bit of a rant I have about a doctor visit I had last week. I saw a specialist about something.

Now I full-well admit that I do not do well in the allopathic world in general. This may be one of the reasons why. There was a resident involved, which is . . . → Read More: Doctor rant

Another rant

Customer service is important, and I have come to realize that good customer service means that you do what you say you’re going to do, and when you are talking to me it sounds like you are talking to me, and not just reading from a script.

These days so many companies are outsourcing their . . . → Read More: Another rant