I hate it when this happens! My insurance agent retired, and my account now goes through another lady. I left a message yesterday, because the receptionist said my new representative would be back in 15 minutes. Well, she may have come back in 15 minutes, but she didn’t return my call. I called back today, and she was away again; when the receptionist asked if I wanted to leave a message, I said that I did yesterday, and no one returned my call. So she said she would send her an email, and now I wait again.

I don’t expect people to get right back to me, but I do expect them to return a call within a couple hours, or at least by the next day in the morning. I guess I was spoiled by my last agent, who always seemed to either be available, or would get back to me promptly.

I guess that now I have to decide how long to wait to see if it gets better, or to start looking for a new agent! I know people deserve to retire, and that it may take a while for a business to work out the bugs with a new person, but how long should I wait for things to get better?

I guess that I, and my providers, are getting old – we are all reaching retirement age at about the same time. My ophthalmologist and my dentist have both retired recently as well. I consider myself lucky to have found such good people to work with and that they have been around for so long. But I really hate having to find new people to work with!

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