Do what you say you will!

People/companies sure seem to be getting on my nerves a lot lately. Sometimes I think that I am too hard on them, but then I wonder: am I really being unreasonable?

The first instance is the company who made the cabinets I put in my new kitchen a while ago. I called them about 3 months ago, and got hooked up with a saleslady who said she would look into what a new cabinet cabinets we ordered and what it would cost to get a new one. When I didn’t hear back after a month, I texted her again. She responded and told me she was still¬† looking into it.¬† I didn’t hear anything from her again, and it’s been over another month, so I sent a text and said I was done. I feel a little bad for the company, and wonder if she even works there anymore, but I am done with her, though I may try once more through someone else.

The second is the fact that I have been trying to figure out what to do about something that was found on an MRI I had 4 months ago. I had a hard time finding a surgeon, but finally spoke to one a couple months later. However, he wasn’t sure that surgery would actually help, and, to his credit, said he didn’t know about anything besides surgery, so he would refer me to a non-surgeon specialist. After waiting weeks for his referral, I contacted his office and was told that the doctor he wanted to refer me to was not taking new patients. I don’t know when they were going to get around to telling me that; I am glad I contacted them again, though wishing I had not waited so long. but of course, I didn’t want to bother anyone by checking back too soon – silly me! He apparently knows no one else who could help me, as he referred me to no one else, though I was told if I gave him another doctor’s name he would refer me.

Great! No one will see me without a referral (though my insurance doesn’t require one), and I can’t even find the name of someone who can help. I finally got one of my doctors to give me a referral, though it took that office another couple weeks before they called. They can’t get me in until January, so I will end up paying more because my insurance deductible (which is NOT small) will start over in the new year.

So here I am, 4 months after I started, still not having seen the specialist I need. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I at least have an appointment now. I half expect to have the specialist tell me, when I finally see him, that he could have dine something if I had seen him sooner, but now it is too late.

Just more pet peeves that annoy me so much, but I can do nothing about. Am I out of line to expect people to promptly do what they say they will, or to at least let you know if they aren’t going to be able to?



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