I guess this is another pet peeve. I may have to change from the healthcare system I am in – the doctors seem great, but the systems areĀ  pretty bad.

Waiting – I hate it. I am not a patient person (though I am working on it), so waiting patiently is not my normal state. I was told by a doctor I saw 2 weeks ago that he would give me a referral to another doctor. Last week, after a week had gone by and I heard nothing, I emailed and asked about the referral. I was told that I should give it to the end of the next week, and if I hadn’t heard anything to email again. Well, yesterday was the end of the next week, and I still have heard nothin. I gave it to the end of the day, and then sent another email.

I really hate this! Does it really take over 2 weeks to get a referral in this system? I was told this isn’t an urgent matter, but it sure feels urgent to me. I wonder if I will finally get my referral some day only to be told I should have reached out sooner, now it’s too late.

I will continue to try to be patient, but this is driving me crazy!

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