Take No for an answer

I have noticed that people who are trying to get me to buy something generally won’t take anything but yes for an answer. I know many salespeople are taught to look for and overcome any reason the buyer comes up with for saying no, but I am really sick of it. I have turned into someone who usually will not give an excuse or reason; I will just say, and keep repeating, no.

A man came to my door to sell me something, and I was caught off guard and started to explain that it wouldn’t work for me. He, of course, readily came up with variations of things I could do to make it work. I told him I was willing to research it more, and potentially buy online at a later date. He wouldn’t give me the website, and said that it is cheaper to buy from him. I told him goodbye several times before finally shutting the door.

I think I am going to become one of those people who puts up a NO SOLICITORS sign, and be done with it. I like the sign I have seen that says (and I paraphrase) “I charge $50/hour, payable in advance, to listen to solicitors; ringing the doorbell or knocking constitutes your agreement to this charge.”

I have been willing to listen and maybe look up more information later, but I do not give money at the door. I rarely open my door to strangers. This applies to salesmen, political candidates, and anyone else. This isn’t going to change on my end. No may not be the answer you wanted, but it is a complete sentence, and I wish people would learn to live with it.

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