Handicapped parking

It seems that people are getting less and less considerate these days; I notice it especially around handicapped parking places. It could have been this way before, but now that I need to use handicapped spaces (and, yes, I do have a placard) I notice it more. Why do people feel they have the right to use these spaces when they don’t need them? They treat them as if the spaces are there for their convenience – “Oh, I just need to run into the store to get one thing, I will only be there for a minute.” Stop and think, please. That minute you are in the store may be the precise minute that someone who can’t walk well drives up and needs that space.

I do realize that everyone who uses a handicapped parking place does not necessarily look disables – they are not all in wheelchairs and they do not always need to have someone with them to help them. I am not in a wheelchair, but at this point I do use walking aids. When I got my placard, I was a little embarrassed about having it. But when I needed it, I really needed it. If I was having a good day I wouldn’t use it. But if I was walking badly that day I would need it. Now I need it all the time, and I use it.

I don’t watch to be sure someone really needs the space – you really can’t tell by looking at someone whether they “really” need it or not. There are all kinds of reasons someone may need one: breathing problems, walking issues, weakness, etc. I do think we should all give each other a little grace and not take it upon ourselves to police these spaces.

But please don’t use these spots if you don’t have a placard and you don’t need them. My husband and I recently pulled into a rest area and found that some huge pickup had parked kitty-corner across 2 parking spots, one of which was handicapped. It did not have a handicapped placard. I didn’t wait around to see who the parking-impaired driver was. We had to find a regular parking spot and I had to walk further to get into the building, which was actually pretty difficult for me. When we left, the pickup was gone. I am not sure what I would have said, if anything, to the driver if I saw him, and I am happy I didn’t have to find out.

Let’s be considerate of each other!

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