Why is it that we let non-medical people (people who work for insurance companies) decide what medications we are allowed to take? Insurance companies will tell you that it is up to you and your doctor, however, they won’t listen to your doctor. They have come up with the medications that they will make the most money on, and then tell will tell you that if you insist on what your doctor prescribed, they will either pay less, so you pay more, or they will not pay at all. Somebody explain this to me, because it looks like pure greed to me. We need to do away with these insurance companies and the greedy…let’s just say people…who run them. We need to go back to the time when healthcare was not allowed to be for-profit.

Insurance should pay for what your doctor orders. I understand that some generics are cheaper, but generics are, no matter what the insurance companies and drug companies tell you, not necessarily the same as the original drug. This may or may not matter to the patient. My insurance company made me take a generic for some shots I had taken for 4 years. I took the generic shots for 2 months, at their insistence. They gave me all kinds of site reactions that my original shots did not. At that point I was about ready to just take my chances and not take any shots! Luckily, my doctor was able to convince them that I could not take the generic, and they let me take my original shots again.

Yes, I blame the greedy insurance companies, but also the drug manufacturers. They charge over $16,000 for this drug – not every year, but every 3 months.

So let’s get back to letting the doctors prescribe the medications, and get the insurance companies out of it. In fact, let’s just get rid of the insurance companies altogether, and adopt some kind of single-payer healthcare, where everyone gets what they need.

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  • Nancy

    Yes, they are motivated by pure greed, which is disgraceful and wrong. Health care should be about taking care of everyone equally, and I also agree that your doctor should be in charge of what medicine you take.

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