Health Insurance Part 2

Yes, I am writing about it again, because it is still driving me nuts. Every time I think everything is okay, they send me another letter that makes no sense, and I am left to decide if I am supposed to do anything about what they sent. Of course, the letters always arrive late Friday afternoon, so I can’t do anything about it until Monday.

The latest letter came from the new pharmacy company. They sent a letter that said it is in response to a request (which I haven’t made) and that no authorization for this drug is needed. What does that mean? I got a batch of my drugs the second week of February and haven’t made another order since. So does this pertain to the order I already got? They say they got a request – from whom? According to the letter I don’t need authorization for this drug, so what exactly is this letter trying to say?

Of course I called today. The phone system at the insurance company is worth nothing, so they transferred the call to another number. No one at that number knew anything about what I was talking about, so they transferred it to yet another number, where the lady (who was very nice) told me that basically the letter meant nothing, and that I am fine. I wish I could believe her, but they have told me so many different things that I am left wondering what is going on.

So is it any wonder that our health insurance costs so much if they are sending letters like this to all their insureds? These letter say nothing, as confirmed when I waste my time and call in. They probably spend massive amounts of money sending the letters out, and then, because the letters are impossible to understand, they have to spend more money to hire people who can answer the phone and tell you that the letters means nothing.

Once again I am left wondering about  the greed of the people running these companies that are supposed to help us with our healthcare, but in reality seem to just be trying to find ways to not pay claims so that they can make more money.

I have said it before, and I mean it: we need single payer health care, so that everyone can get the healthcare and drugs they need.

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