Health Insurance

I am going to whine here – you have been warned. I am kind of stuck here. I feel like such a fool, because I tend to believe people will do what they say they are going to do when they say they are going to do it. I feel like the reality is that people will say anything if they think it will get you off of the phone. Is this what they teach people in call centers?

I am becoming more cynical than I would like. I have been dealing with a change over in our health insurance (they went with a new pharmacy). It is the worst cluster%#@$ that I have ever had to deal with. First they let us know we are changing pharmacies and that we have to set up new accounts. Then, when I call, they assure me that we are NOT changing pharmacies. Then I get a letter saying that my pharmacy is changing and I need to set up my new account. So I call and set up a new account. A couple days later, I call again to check on something, and they tell we are not switching pharmacies, and I have no new account. So I try to get a definitive answer, and I can’t. I talk to 5 different people, none of whom seem to know what is going on. We are changing; we’re not changing; no, we are changing.

We were assured that our prescriptions would all be forwarded and we wouldn’t have to do anything to continue to get them. Wrong. None of our prescriptions were forwarded. They needed all new prescriptions, even for the medications that just had new prescriptions.

The old pharmacy would send a 90 day supply of a prescription I have been taking for 5 years, and will probably take forever. The new pharmacy will send only a 30 day supply, so I have to deal with their ineptness every month now. the pharmacy tells me that this is due to the policies of the insurance company; the insurance company tells me this is due to the policies of the pharmacy.

I don’t even know who to believe anymore. Perhaps I shouldn’t believe any of them.

It should not be this hard.

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