Pain – it sucks. Until recently I haven’t had a lot of pain; now I do. I don’t know what to do about it because I still haven’t figured out exactly what is causing it.

It could be many things. I have narrowed it down to being caused by either arthritis in my back or having bone-on-bone issues in my knee. The pain is actually down further (than my knee) in my leg, and I have been told it could be referred pain from either my back or my knee. I had a cotisone shot in that knee a couple months ago because at that point I could tell the pain was in my knee. After the shot the knee pain seemed to go away. That’s when I noticed the pain further down my leg.

The pain is bad enough that it is hard to get up and down, and causing me to make other changes (like putting as little weight as possible on that leg).

I am a poor reporter of pain (or so my doctors have told me) but I do call this pain, so it muct be bad. I did decide to talk to a back doctor to see if this could be caused by the arthritis in my back. Now I am waiting for an MRI  of the Lumbar portion of my back, but I am, of course, having delays caused by my insurance company. Have I mentioned our healthcare system is not good?

And the saga continues…

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