Stay out of my business

You are entitled to make your own decisions – but not anyone else’s. . . . → Read More: Stay out of my business


Dad, I still, and always will, miss you. . . . → Read More: Dad

Take good care

It can be overwhelming right now; take good care. . . . → Read More: Take good care

Stand up for yourself

These decisions are not up to someone else – they are yours. . . . → Read More: Stand up for yourself

Decisions Decisions

What is the best way to make decisions? . . . → Read More: Decisions Decisions

May I learn all my lessons this year

I can learn lessons from everything that happens. May I learn all my lessons in 2018. . . . → Read More: May I learn all my lessons this year

Take care of yourself

The world will not fall apart if you opt out for a few days to get healthy. . . . → Read More: Take care of yourself

Stop judging

You don’t know what goes into a decision someone makes, and you don’t know what the final outcome will be. It is not your place to pass judgment. . . . → Read More: Stop judging

Choices & decisions

I am always learning from sessions with my clients – and I hope I always do!  Today we were discussing how not only do we get to make our own choices, but others in our lives get to make their own choices as well.  And we may not always agree with the choice . . . → Read More: Choices & decisions