Knee replacement – but when

My right leg is painful now – not always, but fairly often. It hurts most when I am transitioning from sitting to standing and from standing to sitting. I have had 2 cortisone shots in that knee, and it looks like I am headed for a knee replacement. Right now though, I am in limbo. I know the knee doc originally told me he wants to wait as long as possible to do a replacement.

What exactly does that mean? I never really thought about having a knee replacement done. It is only fairly recently that it has become obvious that the surgery is in my future, probably the near future, not the far future. I often feel it, and sometimes can even hear it. I thought I was imagining hearing it. I know it’s bone-on-bone because I have seen the x-ray; I thought that might lead me to think I am hearing it. But recently I was working with a Physical Therapist, who had me do a squat. As I was straightening up from the squat, the PT looked at me and said, “I heard that.” So it’s not just my imagination.

I understand that they don’t want to do the surgery too soon, as it lasts only about 20 years. But my leg is painful now. I have been told I will know when it is time to do the surgery; I think I am very close to pulling the trigger. When is the time right? Having it will probably make it easier to get around, so I want to have it soon enough to get some relief from it but not so soon so it will wear out.

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