Excuses vs Reasons

There are excuses and there are reasons and it is a fine line between the two. I do not want to make excuses for myself. I have recently realized that there are times when I have a reason that I didn’t get something done and it’s NOT an excuse, it is a legitimate reason something couldn’t be accomplished when I had fully intended it to be.

For example, if I meant to finish a project and I got sick, that is a legitimate reason. If I kept putting it off until I ran out of time, I see that as an excuse.

Unfortunately, I am going through some health issues that have me going through severe fatigue at times. I can’t control when it happens. I can try to anticipate it – it happens often when I have several appointments in one day. On those days I try to build in resting times and expect that I will not get a lot done. Other times the fatigue will hit me out of the blue and I can do nothing about it but take a nap.

I used to berate myself for using fatigue as an excuse; now I am realizing that it isn’t an excuse, it is a reason. I can’t control my fatigue. I can try to anticipate it but I can’t always catch it before it happens.

I continue to do the best I can and not beat myself up for things I can’t control.


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