Embrace the unknown

So much uncertainty. All I can do is get comfortable embracing the unknown. . . . → Read More: Embrace the unknown

Live fully in the present

I don’t really want to know the future; I want to live fully in the present. . . . → Read More: Live fully in the present

My heart hurts

There aare so many tragedies happening in this world right now. How do we move forward? . . . → Read More: My heart hurts


Call me ableeding heart liberal or anything else you want – I believe that everyone deserves healthcare. . . . → Read More: Healthcare


I am not going to worry about the past or the future – I am grateful for what is. . . . → Read More: Grateful

Embrace uncertainty

I hate not knowing what is next, but the uncertainty is going to be there whether I embrace it or not. . . . → Read More: Embrace uncertainty


I hate uncertainty, and will have to learn to live with it. . . . → Read More: Uncertainty