My knee is still a problem

My knee has been problematic for the last couple weeks. There are times when I can’t stand for very long, as it does not want to bear weight and feels like it is going to give out on me.

I didn’t think it was that bad, but now I think that it is, indeed, a problem. It doesn’t hurt all the time, but it is affecting my energy all the time. I don’t have the energy it takes to write or to get even minor tasks done. I am realizing it is my knee that is causing this. I couldn’t figure out why I was always tired; I thought it might be that I wasn’t sleeping well but I realized that I am sleeping pretty well right now. I think it is the pain and the uncertainty of how long I can stand that is affecting me. I need to do something about this knee soon.

I did talk to my knee doctor again, and asked about a shot that is more like a gel than the cortisone shot. He told me that it helps some people a lot, and others not at all. Most insurance doesn’t cover it, and it’s iffy enough that he doesn’t recommend it if you have to pay for it yourself. He also said that Medicare often covers it. He thinks it is worth trying before surgery.

Really? I am in the process of getting on Medicare now. I am having some trouble getting the paperwork completed, but it is supposed to be effective the first of this month when the paperwork gets straightened out. The doctor gave me the name and number of someone who I can call when Medicare is all in place so she can get the preauthorization done.

It’s not actually anything yet, but I am hopeful that I now have a next step to work toward. I am waiting for Medicare to be finalized, then hope the preauthorization goes well and I can get scheduled for the shot. It may or may not work, but it’s worth a try!

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