I am my own advocate

It’s important to me to figure out what has to happen next. I was given the next thing to do about my knee. I called the number I was told to call and left a message 2 days ago, but haven’t heard anything since. I keep coming up with reasons why my call hasn’t been returned (the phone number wasn’t correct, the lady I was supposed to talk to is on vacation…) but I think I need to stop that, step up, and advocate for myself now. I am not trying to get anyone in trouble for not calling me back, but I need to talk to someone and get the next steps going for my treatment. I need help and it appears to be up to me to get that help.

My knee is still bad and maybe a little worse. There are things happening that may be related to the knee or may be related to another condition I have – at this point I can’t tell. I really do not want to have a knee replacement done, but if I need one I want it yesterday.

My lesson for the day (or week or month) is apparently that I need to learn how to advocate for myself. Now I plan to become the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. I won’t yet call every hour but I am going to start to call every day until I get hold of someone who can help. I understand that this may not be urgent for anyone else, but it sure seems urgent to me. I am too much the “good girl” who does as she is told and waits for someone to return my call. I am worried that if I keep waiting I will find out the message went astray and no one will ever call me back. I am speaking up for myself and hope to get this taken care of soon.


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