Look for the good

I almost always say something to management when I have gotten good service from an employee – it makes me feel good. I know so many people who complain when they get bad service, and I understand that. But bad service seems to have become the norm these days. I often wonder if the definition . . . → Read More: Look for the good

Share your opinions nicely

People, let’s be nice to each other. Perhaps we should start by not jumping to conclusions. If someone says they are doing something, and you believe it is a stupid thing to do, maybe you should get more information before bluntly barging in and saying so. There are a million reasons someone may be going . . . → Read More: Share your opinions nicely

Be nice to each other

This may sound naive, but I sure would love to see us, as a country, remember how to treat each other. In the middle of this political cycle, I get so tired of hearing, from every direction, people snarking at each other, tearing each other down, calling each other names, being nasty, and telling out-and-out . . . → Read More: Be nice to each other

Political correctness

Political correctness – we are hearing a lot about this right now. And I often wonder if people know there is a difference between this and just being polite and nice. I agree that sometimes things go a little wonky, and some seem to go a little overboard with trying to be politically correct. However, . . . → Read More: Political correctness