Look for the good

I almost always say something to management when I have gotten good service from an employee – it makes me feel good. I know so many people who complain when they get bad service, and I understand that. But bad service seems to have become the norm these days. I often wonder if the definition of Customer Service has changed and no one told me.

So I have made it my mission to be sure that companies know when they have employees who really seem to care. After I have talked to someone on the phone, if that person has been helpful to me, even if they couldn’t fix the problem but they tried and they were nice, I will ask if I can speak to their supervisor. I explain that I don’t have a problem with them, I just want to let their supervisor know that I am pleased with the service I got.

I can’t say for sure, but I think I have been getting better service lately. I have a suspicion that it is because I am looking for the good, and I am finding it. Maybe we could all try it for a while…

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