Change will come

Do whatever small good you can – it will help. Change will come eventually. . . . → Read More: Change will come


I believe that there IS hope. . . . → Read More: Hope

Change one person’s world

I can’t change the world, but I can try change one person’s world. . . . → Read More: Change one person’s world

There is always hope

Don’t get too comfortable with how things are – whether you like them or not, they will eventually change. . . . → Read More: There is always hope

Recalibration part 2

Well, I’ve had a nice vacation, and it is time to get back into the swing of things.  I said at the end of the last post that I would give you some examples of when I have had to recalibrate, so here goes.

I have a GPS in my car, and sometimes I . . . → Read More: Recalibration part 2


Recalibration – is that something you do very often? Â Lately it seems to keep coming up for me – it seems like I am constantly recalibrating my position. Â Maybe that’s a good thing.

Every time I think of recalibrating, I think of that lovely story written by Emily Perly Kingsley, about planning a . . . → Read More: Recalibration

New Choice

Well, it took me a little longer than I had intended, but I am back to update you on my ‘New Choice’ experiment from the Judgment post I made a few weeks ago. I would have to say that it is working for me, and I have expanded it to more areas of my life.

. . . → Read More: New Choice

Following Your Dreams

I just read a great blog post about following your dreams at Strauberry Studios. Susan is a great writer, and a great friend, so I hope you will check out her blog! In it she refers to the ‘5’ book, by Dan Zadra.

This post really made me think about some things.  My life . . . → Read More: Following Your Dreams

Welcome to my Redesigned Site

More change happening here! Welcome to my site. It’s not exactly new, but the design has been updated, and I will be working on updating the content. I hope you like the new blog design as well. The entire site is now on WordPress, and I hope to get up to speed on it soon.

. . . → Read More: Welcome to my Redesigned Site

What would it be if you did know?

Do you find yourself saying "I don’t know" often?  That seemed to be happening to me a lot, so much so that I was starting to feel like it was getting to be a habit.  After all, sometimes saying "I don’t know" is a lot easier than actually thinking about what you really . . . → Read More: What would it be if you did know?