Decisions Decisions

What is the best way to make decisions? . . . → Read More: Decisions Decisions

Commitments & Decisions

I have made the decision that my business will thrive in 2018. . . . → Read More: Commitments & Decisions

Choices & decisions

I am always learning from sessions with my clients – and I hope I always do!  Today we were discussing how not only do we get to make our own choices, but others in our lives get to make their own choices as well.  And we may not always agree with the choice . . . → Read More: Choices & decisions


I recently returned from the International Coach Federation convention, and have been thinking through a lot of things – some thoughts that I picked up there, as well as some thoughts that were spawned by the things I picked up there.  In no particular order, I am going top share some with you.  . . . → Read More: Fear

Recalibration part 2

Well, I’ve had a nice vacation, and it is time to get back into the swing of things.  I said at the end of the last post that I would give you some examples of when I have had to recalibrate, so here goes.

I have a GPS in my car, and sometimes I . . . → Read More: Recalibration part 2

Listen to Yourself First

There is a great post at Tiny Buddha regarding overcoming the power of suggestion. It’s a good read – I recommend it.

They talk about how sometimes people who tell you to be realistic really just want you to buy into their own version of reality. How true is that. It reminds me of some . . . → Read More: Listen to Yourself First

What would it be if you did know?

Do you find yourself saying "I don’t know" often?  That seemed to be happening to me a lot, so much so that I was starting to feel like it was getting to be a habit.  After all, sometimes saying "I don’t know" is a lot easier than actually thinking about what you really . . . → Read More: What would it be if you did know?


Do you have your priorities straight?  Do people ever tell you that your priorities are all wrong, and you need to get them right?  Do you believe them?

It is truly a pet peeve of mine when people say ‘Your priorities are all wrong.’  Usually what they mean is ‘your priorities are not the . . . → Read More: Priorities

Quitting Old Things

Why is quitting something so traumatic sometimes?  In  my life I have often had a real hard time quitting something I have been doing for a long time – does this happen to anyone else?

In looking at the times I have had issues with this, I find some common threads.  Usually it . . . → Read More: Quitting Old Things