Stop judging

You don’t know what goes into a decision someone makes, and you don’t know what the final outcome will be. It is not your place to pass judgment. . . . → Read More: Stop judging

Feel ALL your feelings

Own all of your feelings, because until you do, they are going to hang around. . . . → Read More: Feel ALL your feelings

New Choice

Well, it took me a little longer than I had intended, but I am back to update you on my ‘New Choice’ experiment from the Judgment post I made a few weeks ago. I would have to say that it is working for me, and I have expanded it to more areas of my life.

. . . → Read More: New Choice


Judgment – what a word. I really try to not be judgmental – but it is hard. And then I am judgmental about how judgmental I am – what a vicious circle.

I have been watching Drew Carey’s latest improv show, in which they play a game they call New Choice. Two of them will . . . → Read More: Judgment