Decisions Decisions

What do you do when you have decisions to make? I seem to have a bit of “analysis paralysis.” I would advise a friend to “listen to your gut” if they were in my position, and yet I feel like so much is going on right now that I can’t figure out what my gut . . . → Read More: Decisions Decisions


I recently returned from the International Coach Federation convention, and have been thinking through a lot of things – some thoughts that I picked up there, as well as some thoughts that were spawned by the things I picked up there. In no particular order, I am going top share some with you. I am . . . → Read More: Fear

Listen to Yourself First

There is a great post at Tiny Buddha regarding overcoming the power of suggestion. It’s a good read – I recommend it.

They talk about how sometimes people who tell you to be realistic really just want you to buy into their own version of reality. How true is that. It reminds me of some . . . → Read More: Listen to Yourself First