Stop judging

I think we should all decide to stop passing judgment on others. Other people get to make their own decisions and their own mistakes, and we can care deeply about these people but we do not get to make their decisions for them. We can support them as much as we can, and we can let them know we care, but we still can’t live their lives for them.

From the outside we may not understand what they are doing or why they are doing it, yet they may have good reasons for what they are doing. Or not. Either way, they must make the decision and they must live with what comes next. We can’t know all the pieces that go into that decision. They may include fear, childhood traumas, or what happened to them in the past. Or they may include good memories of past outcomes; we just can’t know.

Just because we do not understand someone’s decisions, doesn’t mean that those decisions are bad. Every decision that someone makes leads to the next point in that person’s life. And that may be the point where they meet the love of their life, or discover a cure for a dreaded disease, or make that next decision that changes their whole life. Something that may not look ideal right now may prove to be a great turning point in the future. The point is you don’t know, you don’t get to decide, it is not yours to judge.

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