Decisions Decisions

What do you do when you have decisions to make? I seem to have a bit of “analysis paralysis.” I would advise a friend to “listen to your gut” if they were in my position, and yet I feel like so much is going on right now that I can’t figure out what my gut is telling me.

I have several tricks to help me make decisions – one is to flip a coin and pay attention to how I feel when I see the results. Am I disappointed, happy, or something else? The point of that exercise isn’t to let the coin make my decision, but rather to let it help me zero in on my true feelings. Unfortunately that is not working right now.

I realize that part of my problem here is that I have checked with some of the experts, and they just don’t agree. And I wonder if I should trust the experts more than I trust myself.

I am driving myself crazy here. I think it may be important to be still and listen for my intuition to come through. I guess that is what I will try. I am open to ideas…

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