Judgment – what a word. I really try to not be judgmental – but it is hard. And then I am judgmental about how judgmental I am – what a vicious circle.

I have been watching Drew Carey’s latest improv show, in which they play a game they call New Choice. Two of them will . . . → Read More: Judgment


How is your self-care these days? Are you doing things you need to do for YOU? Are you taking care of yourself?

Considering that I am not only a Life Coach, but that I also present self-care workshops, one would think that I do pretty well with my own self-care. And there are long periods . . . → Read More: Self-care


Leslie Helen Ciechanowski created some beautiful Soul Navigation Cards, and pulls and writes about a card each week. This week she has written about Obstacles – check it out at http://www.soulnavigations.com/soul-navigations/2011/05/soul-navigation-card-of-the-week-obstacles.html .

What kind of relationship do you have with obstacles? I must admit that mine is perhaps not the best. I tend to get . . . → Read More: Obstacles


I have a confession to make. I moved the hosting of my website and blog, and totally forgot about subscriptions. So I ask for your indulgence, and want you to know that if you were subscribed, please subscribe again. And if you are not subscribed, please join us. You may subscribe to the blog (where . . . → Read More: Subscribe

Where do I belong?

Where do I belong?  What tribe do I belong to?  This is a common question.  I know I ask it often.  And I think it is good to ask it often, because I think we can belong to more than one tribe at once, and we can change tribes as we go through life.

. . . → Read More: Where do I belong?

Question #3 – Will this matter in 5 years?

Sometimes we seem to waste a lot of time and energy on decisions that aren’t as big as they seem to be at the moment. Do you ever get stuck in ‘analysis paralysis’ over a decision, only to look back at it a little later to wonder why you agonized over it for so long? . . . → Read More: Question #3 – Will this matter in 5 years?

Question #2 – Is there something that I am not admitting to myself?

It’s time to take a look at that second question in the post on changing perspectives. Is there something I am not admitting to myself here? Is there something I am not seeing, or not admitting to seeing? This is a tough question sometimes. Often the answer is so close to you that you have . . . → Read More: Question #2 – Is there something that I am not admitting to myself?

Living a Joy FIlled Life

I am linking to a post on a blog on Brett Dupree’s Joyous Expansion site. Check out his site in general, but here is a post I especially like – 8 Keys to Living a Joy Filled Life – http://joyousexpansion.com/blog/2010/intentions/purpose/keys-joyous-life-revisted/ . I was going to add one, but I just realized that it isn’t really . . . → Read More: Living a Joy FIlled Life

Question #1 – Is what I know to be true REALLY true?

In my last post I said I would go into each of the questions more in future posts, so let’s look a little at that first question. Is what I know to be true REALLY true? There are some really good reasons that you might want to ask this question, but I think the number . . . → Read More: Question #1 – Is what I know to be true REALLY true?


Have you challenged your assumptions lately? I think it’s a good idea to take them out and look at them once in a while – see what still works for you and what doesn’t. Assumptions are funny things – what works for you for years may one day become obsolete. Instead of helping you, it . . . → Read More: Assumptions