Dark Times

I hope this country can make it through these dark times. . . . → Read More: Dark Times

Election Day 2020

I hope everyone – and I do mean everyone – votes this year. Let’s make this a record turnout year! . . . → Read More: Election Day 2020


This may be the most important election of our lives – VOTE! . . . → Read More: VOTE

Electoral College

Is t time to do away with the Electoral College, and go with one person-one vote? . . . → Read More: Electoral College

Willful ignorance

Make your decisions based on facts. . . . → Read More: Willful ignorance

One Person, One Vote

Is it time to do away with the Electoral College? A rural vote is not more important then an urban vote, or vice versa. . . . → Read More: One Person, One Vote

What do you have in common with others?

Look at the whole person before you decide how much you have in common. . . . → Read More: What do you have in common with others?

My heart is breaking

I never thought I would live to see this happening in our country. . . . → Read More: My heart is breaking

When did decency die?

When did decency die, and how do we get it back? . . . → Read More: When did decency die?

Government shutdown Part 2

Will the government open for three weeks? It should open and STAY open. . . . → Read More: Government shutdown Part 2