I am so tired of hearing all these crazy things that some men – and yes, some women as well – are pushing through state legislatures, trying to control women. Because that is, indeed, what it is about – controlling women. All the anti-abortion measures being pushed through the states now are really not about babies, they are about controlling women. If the people pushing these draconian anti-abortion measures really gave a crap about babies, they would be offering women ways of getting better healthcare when they are pregnant, birth control to help them not become pregnant when they do not want to be, help with the feeding and care of babies that get born – you get the picture.

But these measures that are currently being pushed through do nothing to help anyone with a baby. Instead, they seem to be an attempt to punish women in any way they can. I can hardly believe that these things are actually being pushed through with no exception for incest or rape. Are you kidding me? These laws are being enacted to punish not the rapist or the perpetrator of incest, but rather the poor woman (or girl) who has been violated by some creep. Women count for nothing, as judges let off rich, white rapists because “he shouldn’t have to live his whole life paying for a mistake he made in college.” Meanwhile, the woman he raped has to live with the PTSD that she develops because of his “mistake,” and additionally carry his baby to term is he gets her pregnant.

I don’t think that I am all that radical. However, at this point I think that the new laws that are being written should include some that say all rapists (including the rich, white ones) and perpetrators of incest should be castrated.

Now I know a great many men who would never dream of abusing a woman (or anyone else) in any way, so spare me your “not all men” stories. I am not suggesting that all men be treated the same as a rapist; I am saying that the blame should be placed on the villain and not the victim though.

And to all the people out there who pretend that they care about “unborn babies,” I ask this: what about the already born woman? It seems to me that there are an awful lot of people out there who pretend to care about the unborn and their rights, who care nothing at all for the rights of people who are already here.

If you care so much about innocent life, then why are you so unwilling to even consider common-sense laws to stop people from getting guns and using them for mass shootings?

You know (or you would if you actually used your brain), people are not going to stop having abortions because of these laws, they are simply going to stop having SAFE abortions. And it is the poor women who will suffer the most. Rich women will continue to be able to travel to where they need to go to have a safe, legal abortion.



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