On hold

I think this blog may be turning into a place for me to rant oh well!

I was just on hold for over 30 minutes. I have several problems with this:

1 – Why am I dumb enough to hang on that long (there are reasons – I really needed an answer, and once you hang on for a while, you feel like they will answer momentarily – after all, don’t they keep saying so?)

2 – Hold music – now there’s a thing that has really gone wrong! I know you can’t hit everyone’s musical taste, but what businesses come up with is horrible! Although I must admit – when you’re on hold for over 30 minutes. it might be hard to like anything! Hold music was a great idea when it gave you something to listen to for the 5 minutes you were going to be on hold. Now that it is more likely to be 10 or 20 minutes – or more – not so much!

3 – And the commercials….whether they are trying to sell you something, or give you handy tips, or whatever – I am willing to listen to these once, maybe even twice, but ad infinitum is too much!

4 – The automated systems that make you input information in, either by touching keys or talking, that they ask you again anyway when a live person finally answers really drive me crazy!

By the time I finally get off of hold, I freely admit that I am a raving lunatic! I may often be found swearing at the phone, or threatening it – all to no avail! And almost always , the first thing I say to a live person is, “Please forgive me. I am a raving lunatic because of your automated system & how long I have been on hold. I know it is not your personal fault – please don’t take it personally!”

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest!

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