Leslie Helen Ciechanowski created some beautiful Soul Navigation Cards, and pulls and writes about a card each week.  This week she has written about Obstacles – check it out at http://www.soulnavigations.com/soul-navigations/2011/05/soul-navigation-card-of-the-week-obstacles.html .

What kind of relationship do you have with obstacles? I must admit that mine is perhaps not the best.  I tend to get lost in the following kind of musings….’What does this mean?  Does it mean that I am supposed to stop trying to do this?  Does it mean that I am supposed to work harder to overcome the obstacle? Does it mean anything?’

I think that going forward I will choose to look for the purpose in the obstacles that present themselves to me.  What lessons are they trying to teach me, why are they presenting themselves here and now?  What can I learn from them?

Thanks, Leslie, for a new perspective on an old issue!  And how about you, readers – what is your take on obstacles?

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